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  • Nuestra misión es ayudar a más negocios a crecer. En Localista nos involucramos y comprometemos. Entendemos lo que nuestro cliente necesita y creamos un plan que se adapte a esas necesidades.
    Nos importa crear un vínculo de confianza para así ayudarles a crecer.


María Luisa

Bachelor of Fashion Design and Clothing Industry , studied Trend Scouting and Fashion Management in Milan. He founded Localista Estudio to advise Mexican fashion brands and support them in the marketing processes.
Shopify Partner since 2015.

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Digital marketing


Lic. Fashion Design and Clothing Industry . Specialty in Fashion Business by PARSONS the School of Design x Teen Vogue.

Since 2016 he began to specialize in social media marketing strategies and digital content writing , as well as online commerce positioning strategies .

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Google & Marketplaces


Degree in International Business. Postgraduate in Digital Marketing from the Francisco de Victoria University , in Spain. He specializes in Marketplaces (Amazon, Liverpool, Linio, etc.) and Google ADS . It has certifications from Google in search and display campaigns.

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Degree in Graphic Design
Specialist in Branding and brand design and product photography , he has worked with national and international clients in the area of ​​design and visual communication.

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Our clients


  • Shopify

    Shopify Partners since 2015

  • Google Ads

    Certification of Advertising in

  • Amazon

    Sponsored Ads Certification

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