María Luisa

Degree in Fashion Design and Clothing Industry , studied Trend Scouting and Fashion Management in Milan. She founded Localista Estudio to advise Mexican fashion brands and support them in the marketing processes.
Shopify Partner since 2015.

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With more than 200 published online stores, I design your store with your target market in mind while maintaining your brand identity and then teach you how to manage it.

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Did you know that the vast majority of brands take up to 5 years to be profitable?

90% of them fail to survive.

I get involved with your brand to help you reach your full potential through personalized advice and strategies.

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Commercial Strategy & E-Commerce Management for Eilean Brand

This evolution towards e-commerce caused its online sales to have a historic rebound.

In the first quarter, Sanborns' online sales soared 450%, while Sears' grew 387%. In turn, the Mexican brand Eilean Brand increased its sales by 254% annually in March and those of Martí did so by up to 500% between March and April.

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Commercial Strategy & E-Commerce Management for Eilean Brand

Due to a new strategy to boost its online channel and as a consequence of a boost in Mexican e-commerce due to confinement due to the coronavirus, the Mexican sustainable fashion brand Eilean Brand has boosted its online sales by 254% in March compared to to the previous month.
As reported by the brand to , Eilean has three sales channels: consignee physical stores, wholesale buyers and its e-commerce. Until January of this year, online sales represented less than 5% of the brand's sales, being the smallest sales channel.

"Our e-commerce was implemented since 2017 and although it was a space that was updated every season, it was not significant for the brand and it was a 'showcase and contact' space," the firm explained.

"This year, resuming the strategy together with Localista Estudio, we worked to resume and strengthen our e-commerce channel. In February the online store was renewed and redesigned, also making it bilingual, with the spring-summer season, together with our team of marketing and recently joined the team, our e-commerce manager."

Thus, Eilean assured that March made her new effort immediately noticeable and her e-commerce channel represented 30% of the brand's monthly sales. In addition, online represented 10% of this first semester in total sales.

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Commercial Strategy & E-Commerce Management for Eilean Brand

Beaumaris Santillán, current CEO and creative director of the brand, assures that although their e-commerce had existed since 2017 and in February 2020 they began to reactivate this department, they did not have a formal and active online sales strategy.

“For e-commerce we did not have a formal sales strategy, we called it 'digital showcase' and to activate it, our director of electronic commerce rejoined. It started in February and a month later they closed our points of sale, which were the ones that supported us, and canceled events such as design fairs, exhibitions, etc. We had our e-commerce channel, which was only 5% of our annual income. I thought: 'There is no way that this can be sustainable for the entire brand,'” the businesswoman recalled. [...]
“We decided to put stores and events aside, as we realized that physical stores sold in a year what the site sometimes sold in weeks (...) In 2020 we closed with a growth of 13% in total sales and obviously all of that is almost online, since 80% of the income was entirely from the website (and still is). Our growth was a boom. Last year, e-commerce grew by 2,500% compared to 2019," Santillán specified.

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My experience


Certified as a Shopify Partner since 2015, I have to keep up with training and new releases.
I have created more than 200 online stores from various industries (fashion, food, real estate, advertising, etc.).

Trend Scouting

I analyze the consumer and their social, political and economic context as well as their consumption habits and lifestyle to find out what needs they have or what needs I can create for them in 1 to 2 years to plan the product and strategy.

Fashion Management

I analyze the brand in depth to be able to create strategies to achieve the objectives (sell more, appear in certain events, be published in certain magazines, etc.).
I advise the company to structure itself and obtain better results.
I do product planning with price analysis and product profitability.

Editorial Direction

I collaborated as Editorial Director for magazines such as Who and Evryteen, as well as I have directed campaigns for Eilean, Emmanuel Victoria and Carlos Herrera among others.

Design from the styling to the location keeping in mind the objectives and what we want to communicate, as well as who we want to reach.


Although it is not my main focus, I have the knowledge and experience of both clothing, jewelry and footwear design, which allows me to understand the processes as well as the terms used in the fashion and footwear industry.
I am also passionate about fashion illustration and I have had the opportunity to illustrate for several fashion brands.


Teacher at the Anahuac Querétaro University for the degree in Fashion, Innovation and Trend from 2018 to 2019.

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